Serving Up: Oliver Hussey

An Appetiser

A dedicated and truly specialist SAP Recruiter who has delivered niche resources in to global and local SAP projects and teams. Olly will take the stress away from the recruitment process and deliver the experience and results you expect when working with a seasoned Specialist Recruiter.

My Secret Sauce

I’m a family man who enjoys working with the best. The best companies, the best work colleagues and the best candidates. My repeat customers seek my services when looking to bring on the best of the best SAP resources. They trust I can sell their brand and excite potential candidates into new roles. I’m professional and pride myself on my open and trusting personality.

What my customers
say about me

"Oliver has been persistent and proactive in arranging interviews and has been instrumental in me getting the offer. He brought a personal touch to the process which helped me to sail through the entire journey. He worked around my schedule and provided great support."

"In the longest recruitment timeline I have experienced, over six weeks, I have always had the impression that Oliver was doing his best for me. Between key people leaving the client, both of us moving house and Covid 19 to achieve such a satisfactory result is outstanding. I was especially impressed as I had no previous history with Oliver. His gentle coaching regarding my CV and Linkedin profile was well received. Thanks Oliver!"

"Worked very hard on the whole candidate lifecycle; - found him for a start (not an easy market) - helped close proactively - kept me informed and was clearly driven to getting a successful outcome - respected lines/amounts of communication Strong first experience with Oliver"

The Roles I Recruit

Markets I focus on

10% SAP Integration and Architecture
20% SAP Project management
55% SAP Functional & Technical
10% Change and Transformation
5% Other ERP

Ingredients of my Success

Loves cooking:Sunday roasts

Years in recruitment:13

Coffee:Soy FW

Fave movie:The Peanut Butter Falcon

Music:Drum & Bass

Fave food:Tikka Massala

Loves:Pork pies

Known for:Tall stories

Bite SIzed Facts

Sounds great, Lets Get Cooking