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Welcome to the recruitment company! We exist to make people enjoy the recruitment experience again and we want to make sure you enjoy the experience of joining us.
We have been in business for 20 years and through that time we always offered highly specialised recruitment services within a few niche markets. It is this focused approach that has made us successful and stable.
We are extremely careful about who we hire. We have an award winning company culture and we only hire people that we believe will thrive within that culture. We have obviously hired you because we believe that you are that sort of person.

About the induction:

This induction has been prepared to make sure that you have everything you need to get started. Our intention is to make your first week fun but intense. In this first week we share with you everything you need to know about us a business. This will likely include things that you haven't known about businesses you've worked with before. We like to keep everything very transparent.
You start with a meeting with the CEO and will then rotate through meetings and training sessions that are run by the whole team. Within TRC everyone is a learner and everyone is a teacher. Through these induction sessions you will complete what we call the "White Belt" level of our training program. These is a link to all of you meetings below and a link to the other levels of our training program which you can work through in the coming years.

What do your first few days look like?

How you’ll spend your time

80% Learning everything about the company
3% Reading through manuals
19% meeting the team
1% Free time

Meet the team


Mandar looks after contract software development recruitment. Mandar is great at filling roles and has a great candidate network. He will be great contact for you when you need to tap into some of his networks.


Olly looks after SAP recruitment. He's been with us for about 3 years and is particularly good at business development. He's a great contact for you to help with breaking into new companies


Geoff is our CEO. He also runs the contracting team. Geoff is a key contact for many of our largest accounts so is a good contact for you when getting to know our existing clients.


Lee heads up our permanent team. He also recruits the permanent infrastructure space with a core focus on cloud and cyber security.


Jess looks after the specialist categories for our NSW Government clients. Jess is always up for a cup of tea so is a great person to keep in contact with

Once again, welcome to The Recruitment Company. We're very excited about working with you and cant wait to see the contribution you'll make to our exciting journey towards becoming the untethered recruitment company