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would like to congratulate you

The job: Consultant - Application & Digital


Congratulations on your new role with The Recruitment Company, we cant wait to get you started. We've let the team know that you've accepted and they are all pretty excited.

We like to make sure everything is set up before you get here so theres a bit we need to get done which we set out in this dashboard

We’re still here
for you...

We have a busy time before you get here making sure everything is set up for you. We need to:
- Get your profile photos done
- Get your webpage set up
- Write your puntastic profile page
- Get you a credit card
- Get all your IT and phone stuff set up
- Get you set up in the payroll system
So much to do, so little time!


When you finally get here theres lots to do so be prepared to have your brain filled with a lot of information. We have blocked out pretty much every minute of your first week and by the end of it you'll know everything there is to know about life at TRC. You'll know our history, our financials, our plans for eh future and you'll know our systems and methodology inside out.
Our aim is to make sure that you have a lot of fun while having a pretty intense first few days.

A day in the life...

How you’ll spend your time

30% Managing existing clients
40% Finding new clients
25% Sourcing candidates
5% Admin

your new job


The team:18

Daily catch up:8:43

Your target:25k

Better decisions you'll ever make:0

the NUTs ‘n’ bolts

Don’t be a stranger. Let us know if you’d like us to give you a ring or answer any questions.